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Horsmonden LTC Club Rules

The following are the rules to be adhered to as agreed by the committee on January 2022:

  1. This is a members only club (non-member visitors are only permitted under certain circumstances - see rule 11 for more information)

  2. Courts and surrounding areas should be assessed as safe to play. (e.g. ice or rain). The club will not accept responsibility if surfaces are unsuitable.

  3. Children under the age of 13 must be supervised by an adult at all times

  4. Please show respect for other club members at all times

  5. Hours of play are 8 AM - 10 PM (Junior members may play up until 7 PM unless previously agreed with the committee or coaches).

  6. Dress code must be appropriate sportswear including correct footwear

  7. Taking or making calls on mobile phones on court is forbidden.

  8. Use the appropriate gate to access the courts with the padlock code

  9. Please respect our neighbours e.g. keep noise levels down

  10. Follow the court booking guidelines (Turn up on time – you lose the right to a court if you are more than 10 minutes late)

  11. Visitors must be with a member and pay the appropriate fee. Visitors can play up to three times in any one year; after that they will need to become a member.

  12. On leaving the court, please:
    - Ensure all rubbish is removed and put in the appropriate bin (we operate a recycling scheme)
     - Sweep clay court (if you used one)
     - Ensure the gate is locked if no other players are still present.

  13. If using the clubhouse please leave clean and tidy and if the last to leave turn the lights off and lock up. Do not pass the codes onto non-members under any circumstances

  14. Drive with due care and attention in the car park

  15. Personal belongings are left at the club at the owner’s risk. Lost property will be held and periodically given to charity if not claimed within a certain time period.

  16. No chewing gum

  17. All injuries and accidents at the club must be recorded in the Accident Record Book and reported to a member of the committee

  18. The committee have the right to suspend or terminate membership as per the constitution (clause no.15).

  19. Dogs:
     - Must be kept under control at all times
     - Are not allowed in the clubhouse or on the courts
     - Any mess to be cleared up and removed 

  20. Please report any concerns you have to a member of the committee.

  21. Please shut the club gate if you are the last person to leave.

Most importantly have fun!

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